Different Types of Handbags Girls Should Own
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Style Essentials: Different Types of Handbags Girls Should Own

A handbag is a very versatile styling accessory. Wear a plain dress, carry a handbag, and you are good to go. With a saree, a statement clutch is like adorning the attire with jewellery. With your everyday formals, sling bags work the best as they bring a classy vibe. That’s the reason you will never hear a woman say “ One bag and that’s it. I don’t need more.” For a woman, a handbag is a must-have accessory. It’s the fashion accessory that no woman can do without. And, from this, the boys can take a cue. When in doubt what gifts for sister, gf, mother, the wife would be the best; go with the fail-proof handbags. You can never go wrong with this gift choice.

Different Types of Handbags for girls that are a must for every girl out there

  1. Day Clutch: If you didn’t know day clutch exists, do read this one carefully as they do—day clutch as a basic clutch for everyday use. Envelope clutch or wallet clutch best fits this category. Day clutches are spacious so that you can carry all your essentials. Wallet clutches or zip-around clutches have pockets for your cards, phone, and cash. You can use these to accessorise your basic jeans and t-shirt or everyday wear. Easy yet stylish to carry around.
  1. Evening Clutch: Everyone is familiar with this one. Evening clutches are jewelled clutches. These are adorned with stones or embroidery. They come in beautiful shapes and sizes. Nowadays, personalised evening clutches are also in fashion. You can carry these as slings because they come attached with a chain. Evening clutches in golds, silvers, and other metallic hues are a must for every woman. You can team up it with any western or traditional wear like saree, gowns, suits, and dresses.
  1. Duffle Bag: Duffle bags are also known as weekender bags for a reason. The aptly large size of the duffle bag makes it perfect for weekend trips, short trips or even vacations. People also use duffle bags as their gym bags. You can easily fit all of your stuff in it without having to carry extra bags.
  1. Tote Bag: A multipurpose bag we would say. A tote bag is every woman’s favourite because its sustainable, durable, goes well with a lot of attires, and can be used to carry anything. Tote Bags with quirky quotes or personalisation seems to be the current favourite of every woman out there. Vegan and leather tote bags with a purse inside are quite popular these days as well.
  1. Sling Bag: There are days when you don’t feel like carrying a lot of stuff. All you need is your purse, makeup and phone. For such days, a sling bag is an ideal choice. Sling bags can be stylish depending upon their shape and design. You can accessorise a sling bag with any of the western outfits. You create visual appeal with it as well. For example, on an all-black outfit, add a splash of colour with a vibrant sling bag.
  2. Backpacks: Backpacks are an everyday essential and quite comfortable to carry. Whether you are a college student or a working woman, backpacks are for everyone. These days, backpacks are available in a great variety, so you can choose as per your preference. You can use a cute backpack to style your everyday outfit as well.
  1. Fanny Packs: If you have gone through the celebrities airport fashion looks, you must have wondered what is the name of the bag they are carrying around the waist. It’s a fanny pack—a waist pouch for carrying important things like a cell-phone, cash, passport that looks stylish.

With these by your side, you girls are ready to conquer the world!

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