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SOS for Style Disasters: Perfect365’s SoREAL AI App

We’ve all been there—LOVED the edgy look of super short bangs or the gorgeous neon makeup we saw on TikTok.

So, we tried it. And hated it. And wasted $$$ on it.

Gun shy about trying another look now?

Have no fear. Perfect365’s SoREAL AI is here to save you from another style disaster.

With this simple app, you can try on any look without spending a dime on new makeup, hair dye, or committing to a (gasp!) haircut that could take months of misery to regrow.

Perfect365 is the Webby Award-Winning app platform that puts professional-level makeup, beauty, hairstyle, and filter effects at your fingertips. It’s the makeup and entertainment industries’ fully customizable digital platform, allowing users to virtually “become” their favorite characters and try on looks from celebrities, influencers, and popular productions.

Now, Perfect365 has introduced SoREAL AI, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create realistic and artistic detailed avatars and photographic effects from your photos. You can try on the latest hot looks, or turn yourself into your favorite movie character.

Perfect365’s President and “The SoReal AI separates objects in photos so you can remove unwanted items, and selectively apply avatar and other filters and effects only to your face or the background to create the perfect look.”

Like magic, you can explore to your heart’s content, keeping it real, going wild with color, or even animating yourself.

Here’s some of what you can play with in SoREAL AI:

  • Filters​—popular, blush, grunge, punk, and a bunch of AI recommended filters ​
  • Colors​—any color, any subject or background, white balance, saturation, vibrance
  • SoReal AI Avatars— Tattoo, Future Fashion, Street Style, Warrior Princess, Astronaut, Female Cyborg, Hip Hop Cover, Gothic, International Supermodel, Dragon Mother, Retro, Jungle Adventure, Sci-fi, Male Cyborg, Lost Desert, Graffiti, Male Model, Knight, Warrior, Golden Armor, Beefcake and Noble
  • AI Makeup Looks—from natural to night out with simple, quick adjustments
  • AI Effects—magazine, cd cover, neon lights, love, movie posters, golden hour, popular trends ​

There’s a reason Perfect365’s advanced solutions are embedded in over 1 billion mobile smartphones today—it’s a world leader in photo, video, and AR tech.

And it’s a bargain: SoREAL AI is a free app available now on iOS and Android. Premium features are available for subscription pricing of $5.99/month or $24.99/year.

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