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Regular Use Hair Treatments to Deal with Damaged & Weak Hair

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Unmanageable, dull, weak and dry hairs are enough to whip the confidence. Luckily, there are result-oriented hair treatments that bring back the moisture to dry and deadly strands. The required nutrients to scalp and hair are added in hair treatment products to boost the hair thickness, natural color,shine and length. Do not get worried about the price because Sephora promo code is announced to make the hair care conditioners, serums, oils, shampoo and masks within your range.

Causes of Damaged Hair

There are a lot of factors that contribute in making the hair damaged and dry. These days, the use of chemical treatment is common for curling, coloring and straightening the hair. Blow drying with hot tools is another reason of hair dryness. When the strands of hair receive excessive heat, the moisture is driven out and lead to damage and easy breakage. Over shampooing, excessive exposure to medications and hot environment, and extreme use of styling products are some of the other causes that damage the hair.

Result-Oriented DIY Hair Treatments

Definitely, you cannot visit the parlor on regular basis to get the necessary hair treatment. There are DIY intensive but easy to do treatments that are meant to make your hair manageable and shiny. Always choose the hair treatments that are based on effective ingredients. Here are some of the basic treatments to retain the moisture and hair growth.

Hair Oil

It is worldwide time-honored solution that actually works. Hair growth oil keeps the hair healthy, shiny and makes them strong and long. While choosing the hair oil, prefer the non-greasy and easily absorbable oil as you can use it twice or thrice a week. No one likes to have greasy and smelly hair.

Olive, Caster, Jojoba and Coconut are the best oils to massage. Use Sephora promo code and choose Botanical Apricot + Rose based hair oil, Argon, Coconut & Rose oil, Repair Treatment Overnight oil, Hi-shine Amla oil, Lavender Moisturizing Oil, Rose, Pistachio and Saffron Hair Oil and Moroccan Oil for volumizing and damage treatment.


Shampoo is the most essential product as everyone needs to use it for cleaning the hair. It is necessary to give your hair a meaningful solution that can work on hair texture, roots and scalp. Gone are the days when the highly foamy and chemical based shampoos were preferred. These days, organic hair growth shampoos are in demand. Hair thickening shampoo, keratin based shampoo, scalp shampoo, hydrating shampoo, anti-brass shampoo and full shampoo are excel in cleaning the hair and getting rid of grime. The botanical and herbal hair pomade, waxes and gels are also available with reparative, moisture and nourishment features.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is essential for dry hair as it retains the moisture and keeps hair hydrated. Moisture and damage repair conditioner, scalp revival peppermint and charcoal conditioner, biotin and ginseng volumizing conditioner, leave in conditioner and bond maintenance conditioner are some of the highly demanding products, available at Sephora Singapore. Get Sephora promo code to receive quality organic products that have potential to manage hair and make them soft and silky. Stay away from low quality products that lead to unappealing, frizzy, dull and coarse hair.

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