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New Designs Available In Camo Wedding Ring Sets for Him and Her

Wedding is a special occasion that everyone wants tocherish for the entire life. Everything associate with the wedding has to be special and unique, talking about uniqueness there are many people getting stressed about choosing the wedding rings. Wedding rings are a keepsake they make the event memorable and unite the couple in bond that cannot be broken. Camo styles trending in every fashion wear like outfits and accessories,it is easier to get best unconventional wedding ring that adds style to the tradition.The online mrketpalce makes it a lot convenient to find and choose the best camo wedding ring sets for him and her which are in a variety of designs, patterns, colours and carvings.

The variety in camo rings show commitment and love towards each other with simple metals in an uncommon way. Adding a personal touch to the rings is a bliss which makes it more memorable with ample custom creations, chic styles and modern craftsmanship. Every couple has a unique story to share why not share the beautiful romance with in spiring art pieces that cuts out the mundane of precious metals. Specially designed for outdoor adventurous people these camo rings make a great idea for wedding ring sets.

The Latest designs in camo couple rings are:

  • Buck and Doe Ring Set
  • Heart titanium with stones
  • Cowboy set- tungsten
  • White Camo Engagement Ring and Silver Band Titanium Ring Set with Cubic Zirconia
  • Black Camo on Silver Band Couples Ring Set With Stone
  • American Flag Couples Ring Set- His and Hers Set
  • His and Hers Camo Couples Ring Set with Teal and Regular Camo on Black Band

Find out below some of the commonly used and found camo patterns from the plenty of patterns.


Mostly used by people who love the hunting experience, this beautiful camo pattern has earthy tones with trees and branches in the overlays. Now a days as there is unlimited options for personalisation you can get them in any colour of your choice.

Military & Army

In a military pattern there would be intricate details of colours which are mostly difficult to figure out. Army camo generally has two styles of camo combined one of them is woodland and the other is digital camo.

Real tree

If you are a fan of three dimensional designs then this is your pick, itmimics a variety of landscapes and is a popular type in hunting camo.


This type of camo uses technology to makes affluent and bold images with layers of leaves and irregular patterns of vegetation with high contrasting look.


Though it has a feminine feel to it is very bold and edgy. All the famous patterns in woodland, vegetation, 3-D graphics come in different hues of pink.


This pattern has been in use for almost many years and up until 2014 it was known as the go-to pattern for the US Armed Forces. The pattern has beautiful designs and offer pixelated look. This pattern is found in many tones of grey, blue and green.


Desert has beautiful colours right from browns,gold, tanned,blacks and due to this it is known as a chocolate chip camo design. The way nature is described through them is by overlays of black and white spots on rings with brown and tan this however mimics the rocky and sandy desert look.


The most romantic pattern is the snowy landscapes, it has pretty white back ground which is totally uncommon in the camo and most of them have vegetation and hues of browns and greens.


The classic camo pattern is the woodland pattern that gives a closer picture of the US army making use of it from in 19th and 20th centuries. The camo uses earthy patterns that are close to nature with neutral tones ofs and.


Since urban patterns use similar disruptive designs like the Woodland camo it is liked by most people. It combines the nature and urban environment with tones of gray scale as the colour palette.

Tiger Stripe

For people who love animal prints in costumes and footwear this is a unique way to include rigid brush strokes in tiger stripes with green and brown colours inclusion it is mainly influenced and used during the Vietnam War.

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