Know How CBD Oil Tincture Is Helpful To Treat Neuropathy
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Know How CBD Oil Tincture Is Helpful To Treat Neuropathy

CBD is considered as one of the best medical products these days because many people are using it to treat various health problems including anxiety, chronic pain, depression and more. Even, people who are experiencing problems with neuropathy are using CBD oil.

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Here is some information about CBD oil that helps you to know how it is useful in treating neuropathy.


Neuropathy will be caused due to damage of nerve cells that bring signals from spinal cord to brain. These nerves connect to the systems like organs, muscles, brain, spinal cord, and brain. When the nerve gets damage it lead to neuropathic pain.

There are different type of neuropathic pain such as peripheral neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy, cranial neuropathy, and focal neuropathy.

Neuropathy symptoms

Neuropathy symptoms vary from person to person based on the neuropathy type, still there are some common symptoms like tingling or numbness in extremities, particularly in feet, pain and senselessness, weakness, excess sweating, gastrointestinal problems, and Blood pressure.

Causes for Neuropathy

There are many causes for neuropathy including kidney problems, diabetes, blood problems, and liver disorders. A person who doesn’t take balanced diets will be at high risk of neuropathy development. Autoimmune diseases, disorders like rheumatoid, lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome and arthritis may also cause neuropathy.

How CBD oil tinctures help

CBD will not cure neuropathy, but it helps to reduce the neuropathic pain as it provides relief from different types of pains. So, it’s good to understand how CBD works with your body and affects pain before purchasing it.


CBD works with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) in the body that is responsible to maintain a proper balance within the body. ECS produces cannabinoids CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 works with central nervous system and CB2 works with peripheral nervous system.

These two receptors assist ECS in controlling everything within the body such as sleep, mood, inflammation, and even pain. Thus, CBD helps ECS in performing better.

Pain management

According to few studies, CBD oil helps to reduce chronic pain because it targets the glycine receptors present in the spinal cord that regulates the receptors of pain. Also, it controls individual pain by regulating the brain response to pain. CBD gives effective results for some people when compared to other medications with minimal or zero side-effects.

CBD dosage

There is no particular guideline on CBD right dosage you can take the dosage based on your problem and severity. If you are tying it first time, then start with a little dosage like 2 or 3 drops after few days adjust the dosage based on your problem severity.

There are many benefits with CBD oil as it is an anti-inflammatory agent. There are many stores that sell CBD products, but choose the best store that sell original CBD oil and order your CBD oil today to get relief from neuropathic pain.

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