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How to Have a Great Punjabi Wedding In the USA?

Punjabi weddings are full of fun and laughter. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you are Punjabi you are going to have a blast at the wedding. There are many migrated families in the USA, who chose to live in the states but are very much desi at heart. The older generations do know about all the rituals and rites performed at a Punjabi wedding but for the new generation, it is quite a complicated thing.

If you or your loved ones are getting married in the USA and you want to know about some of the important elements to make a Punjabi wedding fun, then keep reading, we got you!

5 Hacks to have the Best Punjabi Wedding in the USA

For children who are born and brought up in the USA, Punjabi weddings might only be all about food and dance. But, there are a lot of things which you must take care of while hosting a wedding. It could be your cousin, your sibling or you. Take care of the below-mentioned parts and you are going to make your Punjabi guests very happy.

Learn the Basics

Sit down with your mom, dad or grandparents and learn some basics of Punjabi weddings. What are important things and why are they important? You must have some knowledge and understanding of the different elements of Punjabi weddings. Not only will this enhance your knowledge but also strengthen your bond with your parents.

You can also take help from Wikipedia and the internet to learn more.

Get Ready for Expenses

Punjabi weddings are costly. Yes, you have to be prepared for the expenses because Punjabis love to show off. The decoration, the food, clothes, everything wants their share of the money. You can also go for a minimal wedding and save money but true Punjabis don’t like it. Make savings beforehand so that money doesn’t come as an issue at the wedding.

Jaggo is Must

Jaggo – a sangeet night. Punjabis love Jaggo night, even more than the actual wedding day. Yes, you read it right! Food, dance, laughter and fun are some of the key elements of Jaggo. Hire a good DJ and play some Punjabi pop songs and you will see the magic. Don’t miss this heavenly feeling and have a Jaggo night before the wedding. Little fun quarrels between the maternal and paternal families of the bride or groom are also the main highlight of the night. Do enjoy this beautiful ceremony.

Celebrate Each Ceremony

As mentioned, Punjabi weddings involve many ceremonies. Starting a week before the actual wedding day and 3 to 4 days after the wedding. Basically, there are Pre wedding ceremonies and Post Wedding ceremonies. Each ceremony has its importance and meaning. Roka, Engagement or ‘Mangni’, Haldi, Mehndi, Jaggo, Milni, Lawan, Reception and the list goes on. Even if you belong to Punjab, each area of Punjab has its own set of ceremonies with different names and rituals. Learn more about them and try to include as many as you can in the wedding.

Right Outfit and Jewelry

Last but not the least, Wedding Outfit and Jewelry. Go for trendy outfits and choose according to your taste and preference. It doesn’t matter if you are the bride or groom, you need to look like Royalty at your wedding. Groom’s Jewelry is as important as the bride’s. Check online jewelry stores like Amazel Designs to get the latest and trendiest jewelry items. They also have a wide range of wedding accessories which you need while performing different ceremonies.

Check out their website and you will find a whole wedding store online with free shipping and lots of variety.

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