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Firearm Options

A fact that most people who are opponents of gun ownership miss is that it’s not responsible, law-abiding firearm owners committing most gun crimes. Legal gun owners aren’t purchasing guns with the intent of hurting others. Guns provide a method of recreation in target and skeet shooting. Some people feed their families or donate food to soup kitchens and food banks based on what they’re able to hunt. Others utilize the lessons they learn in safely handling firearms to bring a level of self-control to their lives. These people rely on the methodical steps in safe handling, responsible weapon discharge and the subsequent clean-up of their firearms to provide a steadying influence. Each gun owner has options regarding their own weapons.

Factory Specs

Television and movies make shooting a firearm look both deadly and easy. Neither is always the case. While any gun can be deadly, especially at close range, it takes a great deal of practice with that individual firearm to gain proficiency in hitting your target. Most guns come straight from the factory with the same parts put together the same way. This will make shooting that gun feel very similar to the shootist regardless of who owns that particular piece. If you plan on keeping your weapon in pristine original condition, you’ll need to find a source of Glock or Sig Sauer factory parts for sale, or other manufacturer depending on who makes your gun.

Custom Alterations

Some states require you to make different alterations to your guns depending on state laws. For example, a 2018 New Jersey law reduced the number of rounds of ammunition legally allowed in firearms from fifteen to ten. Without a special hard-to-get permit, you can’t legally own cartridges that hold more.

Some customizations aren’t state-mandated. Some gun owners like to set their own firearm apart from others via beautiful artwork done by a custom engraver. You can also change out the panels on the handles, buy tactical or night sights or change out the barrels if you like.

Safe Storage

You’ll need a place to safely keep your guns at home. Gun safes have been popular for this purpose for a long time. Newer model safes are incorporating coded keyless entries to eliminate anyone finding the key from opening the safe. Some even have fingerprint identification systems. Some custom defense weapons are being equipped with fingerprint identification, too, making it impossible for just anyone to fire the guns.

Responsible gun owners are the driving force behind the increased safety of firearm ownership. None of them wants to hurt an innocent person.

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