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8 reasons for wearing silver payals

Anklets, popularly known as payals, have a great social significance in Indian culture. Women of all ages love wearing them for occasions or even casually. Some are also habitual to them. You can find various jewellery shops in India selling anklets to customers eager to get the best deal and fulfil their demands.

Silver is the first choice when it comes to wearing anklets. Not only does it enhance your beauty, but it also has several benefits. The silver Payal design is popular amongst most cultures in India and is a sign of purity, femininity, and tradition. Most beautiful brides wear these after marriage, and it is delightful to hear the jingling sound while they walk.

Every traditional custom has some significance and benefit attached to it. The silver anklet design has transformed over time, with many jewellers offering unique and modern patterns. You can also find many girls and women wearing a single anklet on their foot with jeans and a T-shirt. It is a contemporary fusion of traditional and western ideas.

Getting rid of leg pain

While completing household chores, you often suffer from leg pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness. If the pain originates from the lower back and travels throughout the lower body areas, it can lead to severe problems. Silver anklets offer relief from such pains, thus spreading lots of positive energy in the body. It also keeps your mind and body calm and relaxed while working.

Protection against swelling

Women often suffer from swollen heels, which badly affects their routine and work. They hardly get the time to fulfil other duties because of this. Hence, technology comes to the rescue. You can buy anklets from online jewellery shopping websites or local jewellers to get rid of such problems.Access these websites conveniently with a data connection on your phone. They help regulate blood circulation and cure the swollen heels naturally.

Energy healers

Wearing silver anklets has scientific significance and is one of the delicate jewellery loved by all women. The energy you gain in your body does not get wasted. Instead, it revibrates back to your body, increasing your stamina and keeping you active for a longer time. Hence, wearing them is the perfect way to remain energetic and divine.

Solah Shringaar

Another interesting fact about anklets is that they are a part of a bride’s solahshringaar. Whenever you get ready for your wedding, you wear them as a symbol of marital status in India. It also brings you and your husband luck and fortune. You can wear them for all sacred occasions as well as they are suitable for all outfits.

Immunity booster

This beautiful jewellery not only adorns the feet whenever you wear them but also includes several health benefits. Along with producing the melodic sound, wearing silver anklets will activate the lymph glands in the body to boost immunity. Hence, they are not just accessories but a gift for the immune system.

Spreads positivity

Wearing payals fills the house environment with positivity and purity. Its pleasing and melodic sound is a sign of the blessings bestowed upon by Gods and angels. When you visit websites for jewellery shopping online on festive occasions, you can buy anklets with unique designs at attractive prices. Most of the websites launch discount schemes and offers to attract customers and increase popularity.

Health benefits

Apart from making your feet look beautiful, anklets are also your biggest saviour against health issues. Wearing them can cure many gynaecological disorders, infertility issues, hormonal imbalance, and obstetric problems. You can wear them and celebrate feminism. While they keep you healthy, you can enjoy every moment of life.

The ideal gift

Whenever you attend a friend’s or relative’s wedding, you can gift them a pair of silver anklets as a mark of good faith and wishes. It is also an ideal and unique choice as she is about to begin her new journey with lots of responsibilities. These anklets can protect her from all stress and worries, thus spreading positivity. You can buy them from online jewellery websites in India and accept the order without visiting local jewellers.


Marriages are sacred and celebrated in a grand manner in India. Hence, you ensure to look like a Queen on your wedding day with the best outfit and accessories. You can find all jewels at different rates to suit your budget.

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