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5 Things to Know Before You Use an Eyebrow Trimmer

Your eyebrows should be one of your best features. The shape of your eyebrows can dramatically alter your face. Perfectly trimmed eyebrows will make your face look younger and charming.

It is important to find out which eyebrow shape suits you the best before opting for one. Just because something is a current trend doesn’t mean it will suit you. Your personality should be reflected in the shape of your brows.

Threading and waxing eyebrows are quite common. But trimming and plucking are almost unavoidable when a stray hair pops up. Some people like to trim their eyebrows instead of threading them. Pick a method you are comfortable with and continue with it.

In this blog, you can know about how to use eyebrow trimmer and things you need to keep in mind. 

What Shape Should You Choose?

What is the shape of your face? The shape and thickness of your eyebrows depend a lot on the shape of your face.

For example, a heart-shaped face looks good with gently curved eyebrows while a round-shaped face will appear slightly longer with arched eyebrows. Horizontal brows nicely balance out the features in a long or rectangles-shaped face.  

How to Trim the Eyebrows?

Once you decide the shape of your brows, it’s time to start trimming them. Have a small fine-toothed comb handy along with small scissors. Sit facing the mirror and make yourself comfortable.

Comb the hair against the direction of its growth. This step will help in identifying the longer hairs and trimming them to a uniform length.

Draw the bottom and top lines of your eyebrow with a liner so that you can stay within the shape. The last thing we want is to mess up with the shape of the brows in the process of trimming them. 

Correcting the Shape Using a Trimmer

Removing that one or two odd hair that grows around your eyebrows and disturbs the shape are quite easy using a trimmer.

Small and pen-like devices, eyebrow trimmers have been specifically designed for the purpose. When you are too busy to get your brows threaded or waxed, use the trimmer.

And not to mention, the trimmer doesn’t cause any pain unless you nick yourself with it (so be careful and focus on the job). 

Get that Multi-functional Trimmer Kit

The trimmers come with removable heads that can be used for more than just trimming the brows. You can trim and remove facial hair, etc. by changing the heads. Easy to pack and carry, a trimmer kit can help you in more ways than one, especially when traveling.

Add Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to dab on some cooling gel after you trim your eyebrows. This will prevent itchiness and keep the skin soft. If you find any gaps in the brows, use a brown color eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaplightly.

Check the warranty, material of the blade used, extra protection on the blades, and the design of the trimmers before you choose one.

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